We love to create your boudoir photos with a romantic and editorial aesthetic. We enjoy guiding you through all the aspects of creating beautiful, fine art boudoir photography that is meant to empower you both emotionally and physically. We revel in all the pretty details and love to curate an amazing experience for you that begins when you inquire at our Hampton Roads studio and continues long after your session. Documenting your boudoir session in an intimate manner, full of emotion, fine detail and of course beautifully curated just for you. 
  Long after your session is over, this investment that you make will be everlasting. Invest in your beauty and allow yourself to have this incredible experience. For your most beautiful and intimate boudoir portraiture, we hope you will choose Marie Violet Photography. 


Fine art boudoir collections begin at $350 
A La Carte artwork begins at $395

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We LOVE to help our clients have an incredible and empowering boudoir experience and that begins the very moment that you contact our studio, once we have confirmed your session we will schedule your hair and makeup styling with our Glam Squad and provide you with our lovely Boudoir Style Guide that shares all the lovely details about preparing and what to expect and how to get the most out of your boudoir experience. We dedicated an entire page in our magazine to OUR FAVORITE PLACES TO SHOP FOR LINGERIE AND DRESSING FOR YOUR BOUDOIR SESSION. As your photographer, we love also adding the roles of wardrobe stylist and posing coach. Throughout our session, we will guide you and walk you thru every step to ensure you look and feel beautiful in front of the camera. If you have any questions we are only a phone call away! We are here for you in every way! 

We have had hundreds of women grace our studio doors and honor us with their portraiture. Being a boudoir photographer is such a profound and deep honor, it's humbling and beautiful to be apart of a woman's experience with these intimate portraits. I love helping women be empowered and love documenting female beauty and sensuality. When I first began this boudoir career, I wanted to walk in my client's shoes, and actually had my own boudoir shoot. This experience taught me a great deal and inspired how I approach each client's session. I want your experience from the moment you contact our studio to be incredible and empowering. Therefore, we guide and help you through every aspect of creating your dream session, from hair and makeup inspiration (we also secure your styling appointments with our Glam Squad!) to wardrobe selection, to guiding and showing you to pose so that every image is beautiful and empowering and of course flattering.  We also love to play art curator and will help you create beautiful artwork that you may gift or display in your home. 

For as long as I can remember, I've always gravitated towards love and beauty. I adore creating art that unfolds like a story, has depth and exudes romance. My photographic approach is soulful and tender, candid yet captivating. I love to curate a beautiful collection of photos for our clients that are rich in detail and unique to them. Documenting your boudoir imagery in the most beautiful, romantic and artistic manner. As a formal model (in my teenage years) I learned all about posing, direction and editorial / fashion campaigns and that has served me well in my boudoir photography career. It inspired much of my imagery today. Most recently, my fine art work has been featured across the globe to include the iconic Louvre Gallery in Paris, France, featured on the largest billboard in Time Square, NYC and in private gallery exhibitions including Art Basil in Miami, Hong Kong and Germany. 

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Our post ordering appointments are within 2 weeks of your boudoir session date, we welcome you back to our pretty studio and while sipping on champagne (or your favorite wine or beverage) we will unveil your beautiful boudoir gallery to you and then together we can create your ordering / artwork appointment. While in studio, you can view our album samples, hold our wall art and select how you would like to feature and display your stunning photos. We offer a full line of wall art, modern beautiful matted frames, fine art canvases, handcrafted boudoir albums, (the velvet album is our fav!) and our fine art prints. Everything is in our studio for you to touch, hold and view.  

* If your schedule does not allow you to return to our studio in person, no worries! Simply, let us know and we can arrange a Skype or phone session with you. Once you have viewing your imagery online, we will follow with your ordering appointment. 

* Once you have approved your album design, we send to our professional lab and you will receive it within 2-4 business days (not including holidays or weekends). Our clients typically love to purchase, an album, artwork, prints and the digital collection. Our clients on average love to spend between $695 - $2195 on their sessions. Payment plans are available. 

We help you every step of the way. Please take your time and grab a glass of wine, or brew a cup of coffee and spend an hour or so reading our luxe Boudoir Lookbook, we poured our hearts into this magazine for you and it walks you through every aspect of your session so that your fully prepared, confident and excited for your session. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at the studio, we are always here to help you! We want you to have the most incredible experience with us from start to finish. 

We are ALWAYS here to help you during your boudoir photography image unveiling and post session ordering artwork appointment. 

We have samples of everything we offer in our studio and allow you to browse and select your desired artwork. Our ordering sessions are incredibly fun and our clients love to browse through all the beautiful choices that we offer, which include our beautifully handcrafted artisan albums, our fine art prints and of course our wall art options. 

Investing in your own beauty and creating artwork that is so intimately personal is truly a beautiful aspect of our business that we adore. 

Our turnaround time for your beautiful boudoir image gallery is 10 days from your session date and we typically like to schedule our post boudoir session ordering appointment within 14 days. We can't wait and get so anxious to have you return to the studio to finally reveal your incredible boudoir photos! 

I wanted to do a boudoir shoot for quite some time and after seeing one of my girlfriends boudoir images with Malie- I knew I had to call her and book my own session. I'm so glad I did. This was an experience I will never forget. This was an investment for me and of course of husband too. She is worth every penny and more. Don't skimp on your boudoir photography- this is a luxury and you absolutely deserve it! Every aspect of my session was carefully curated for me, and on the day of my session she treated me like I was a dear friend. We laughed and just had a great time together- my images were stunning and I never felt more beautiful and sexy in my life. P.S. Thanks for the amazing Mimosa's!!!



My experience with Malie could not have been better! From the very first phone call when I initially began my research into photographers till the follow ups after the photo-shoot had taken place, she was kind, professional and considerate - not to mention the pictures turned out breathtaking! She made me feel beautiful, comfortable, and able to express my own thoughts and opinions on outfits, poses, and locations, but she was always willing to give her advice on these topics since she is an expert! I have recommend her to many of my bride to be friends, and will continue to do so, the photos and the photographer are equally amazing!



Malie was a dream. Her personality and how she coaches you into each pose and why to pose this way or that- she truly is an artist in every sense of the word. I can see why her artwork has been featured in Vogue and around the world. You can just feel how much she loves what she does. She made me feel like a Victoria Secret supermodel. This was an experience that I will cherish forever. It was such an empowering and uplifting experience and I encourage every woman to try it! Thank you so much Malie for making me feel sexy and giving me my confidence back!