I gravitate towards love and beauty. On your wedding day, I document each beautiful, hopeful and magical moment that unfolds, preserving not only the memory, but the excitement and feeling of the day. I like to document things naturally and unobtrusively, stepping in briefly to direct, guide and style when necessary, to ensure your photos look authentic, timeless and classic. I enjoy the versatility of my role, and will be your coach, stylist, cheerleader and posing expert when needed.
Years ago, I traveled to New York City and Paris. These cities forever imprinted on my heart and left me with a love and desire to return again. Recently my images were featured on the largest fashion billboard in Time Square, NYC and months later was selected for an intimate exhibition at the Louvre Museum (Musee de Louvre) in Paris. My image was across the room from the most beautiful, influential artists in history. I want you to feel as if you two could have easily stepped off the pages out of the finest fashion or wedding magazines. 
For those incredible moments in your life that you want captured, beautifully, I hope you will choose Marie Violet Photography. 


take me away...


My first childhood memories are in the cockpit of a small plane, flying to Northern Canada. It was in those early years that grew my love of travel + adventure. My Mother had always longed to see the world- so we sailed to the islands of Hawaii and travelled across Europe. Paris, was my favorite city. Italy will forever have my heart. We named our first born son, Tuscan Charles, after the beautiful province of Tuscany. 
After graduating from University I longed for adventure, on a whim I took a position abroad and found myself living in Southern Korea. It was there at a local bar, I met my soon to be husband, Ben. One year later, in a 19th century castle we recited our vows and eloped. 
The best gift my Mother ever bestowed upon me, was a love of travel. To carve a life worth living + loving. Being a creative entrepreneur + photographer lets me live out my wildest dreams and to always rush towards adventure.

all the little details


Love is ALWAYS in the smallest of details.  
I live by the philosophy that even the tiniest details matter. 
And of course, they will be photographed beautifully. 

Peonies are my favorite. 


I grew up watching my Grandmother tend to her beloved garden. She had a tender hand and she often sang little melodies to her flowers. This little garden of her's- was her little piece of heaven. 
Her rose bushes were the envy of the neighborhood. 
What I learned early on is that when you care for something deeply, you nurture it. You help it to BLOOM. 
Her words echo in my heart daily.  
When I began my wedding + boudoir photography business I knew I wanted to guide + care for my clients in much the same way my Grandmother would tend to her garden. 
Let love shine and everything will blossom beautifully.