August 13, 2018


As a wedding photographer, my goal is to ensure that our couples look and feel relaxed and beautiful in front of the camera as well as being fully prepared so that all aspects of the wedding day unfold smoothly.

Usually 7-10 days before the big day, I will send a list to our bride and groom and discuss more in depth about each tip when we have our final pre-wedding consult. (I like to go over all the details to ensure we are fully prepared!)

Now, I know that there are many more things we could ADD to this list, and again, let me preface and say that this is just a list for key things that I feel will be most helpful on the wedding day. Other important details we can include and discuss during that final pre wedding consultation.

From experience these little tips and tricks have been incredibly helpful in keeping our couple, calm and relaxed during there getting ready and formal portraits!



1. Place all wedding details (Dress, shoes, bouquets, jewelry, garters, rings, etc) grouped collectively and in one location prior to your photographer arriving. Having everything in one central location in your bridal suite (and groom’s suite) will eliminate your photographer from wasting time in searching for these precious items. This saves so much time and keeps the stress level at a minimum.


2. For more meaningful wedding day photos, include your family heirlooms for your wedding details. For example, your Grandmother’s vintage velvet ring box, or your Mother’s heirloom silver tray or dried flowers from your first date. These sentimental items and trinkets will create beautiful and meaningful wedding day photos. 


3. Keep your Getting Ready Location clutter free and organized. This will help immensely for bridal and groom images. Pick one area of the bridal suite and Groom’s quarters, (maybe a closet or one corner of the room) and have everyone place their belongings in this area, keeping the rest of the room neat for candid getting ready photos.


 4. Remember to HOLD THE KISS!  For a minimum of 7 seconds to ensure we have multiple images and angles of your first kiss! This little tip is for your couples portraits, ceremony and reception photos. 


 5. Communicate with your photographer about your most important photo moments and plan the wedding timeline accordingly, allow a buffer in between photos to ensure we have ample time and we are not rushing through your day. If you would like sunset photos or a first look we need to plan for this. 


 6. Walk slow. Walk at a slower pace than normal for the ceremony as well as the reception announcements! This ensures we can capture a variety of images from different angles. 


 7. Have fun, laugh and be playful! We love candid and intimate authentic moments between you two. 


 8. Let family and bridal party members know that immediately following the ceremony we will be taking formal portraits, beginning first with family, then bridal party.


 9. Make sure your makeup and hair is completed prior to our arrival ensuring that you will be ready within the first 20 minutes of our arrival to begin your wedding pictures.


 10. Be creative and allow your day to reflect the two of you through all of your wedding day elements. For example, are you both playful and love to have fun? If so, why not include a swing at your reception, guests will love this unique feature. Are you both fans of donuts but not cake, then create a donut tower.  Do you both love concerts? Perhaps investing in a live band vs. a Dj will create that live music atmosphere that you both enjoy so much. These details will truly make your wedding day represent you both and your guests will love these unique and unexpected wedding day details! 


We hope these lovely wedding tips serve you well on your wedding day and ensure you are happy and relaxed on your big day!


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