April 19, 2017



Mastered Nick Knight fashion editorial brief Heir In a Modern World

Mastered Nick Knight 10 magazine editorial photo Heir In a Modern World

Heir in a modern world Mastered Nick Knight fashion editorial brief

In the fall of 2016, I received the most exciting news. Several days earlier, I applied to the Mastered Program with Nick Knight, the iconic British fashion photographer.

Over 11,000 people from across the globe applied.

I was chosen.

I have always been greatly inspired by fashion + beauty and now I was learning from one of the best fashion photographers in the industry. I immersed myself in the program and loved every moment of it. Our objective was to create weekly fashion briefs that were critiqued by some of the top fashion industry insiders from around the world.

Fashion Photography

Our fashion photography brief, “Heir In a Modern World” was greatly inspired by an idea that Mother Nature herself had three daughters living in our modern world. During this time I met an incredibly talented local Virginia artist, Julia Gabrielov. Her whimsical paintings of women became the very inspiration for the 10 magazine fashion brief.

Mastered Nick Knight 10 magazine editorial brief

A special thank you to the collaborative team that made this possible.

Sarah Rillion | Makeup + Styling
Kechelle Luong | Hair
Julia Gabrielov | Artist | Styling
Glenn Fajota | Lighting
Elyse Sierra | Model
Brittany Marshall | Model
Anna Dwight | Model

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As a wedding photographer with over a decade of experience, I love to create beautiful, timeless imagery that captures all the emotions and feelings of the day. From the joyful to the sentimental, and the spontaneous once-in-a-lifetime moments that happen. I pour my heart and soul into each couple to ensure their wedding day is everything they dreamed and more.

I'm originally from Southeastern Canada and have settled in Virginia with my hsuband and three children. When I'm not behind the camera, you will happily find me in my garden or hosting an intimate dinner party. My friends will tell you I make the best mojito. And I've fallen in love with the art of sourdough. I'm a Libra-a hopeless romantic, and I believe that family is everything. And I will always think that retiring to Tuscany, Italy, and restoring an old villa in the countryside is a good idea.

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