A Beautiful Parisian-Inspired Bridal Boudoir Session in Virginia.

February 27, 2024

We were deeply inspired by the romance of bygone eras, and in particular, we looked to the sensuality and femininity depicted in 19th-century Parisian and European fine art female portraiture. We sought to capture the essence of these romanticized periods, infusing our boudoir imagery with a timeless quality that would evoke the elegance and beauty of a bygone age. Our goal was to create a Parisian-inspired bridal boudoir session experience that would transport our bride, Victoria to a world of passion, intimacy, and beauty.

Victoria’s Parisian-inspired bridal boudoir session was a breathtaking experience, filled with inspiration from the timeless, classic, and European fine art portraiture. The aesthetic of the portraiture was deeply feminine and sensuous, capturing Victoria’s beauty in a way that is reminiscent of museum-style art. For the photo shoot, Victoria was draped in a stunning floral fabric, which gave her a Vogue-inspired look that was both sophisticated and elegant.

The florals, beautifully created by Kate Fiore Florals, added a touch of natural charm to the set, making Victoria’s beauty stand out even more. The gown and veil were designed by Avenir Bridal, a charming boutique located in Chesapeake, Virginia. The exquisite craftsmanship of the gown and veil perfectly complemented the overall aesthetic of the photo shoot, adding a touch of Parisian influence to the already stunning set. Overall, Victoria’s bridal boudoir session was a true masterpiece, capturing her timeless beauty and elegance in a way that is both sensual and enchanting.

As soon as I laid my eyes on this breathtaking space, I couldn’t believe that it was only a short drive away from me in Chesapeake, Virginia. The moment I saw it, I knew that this venue would be the perfect setting for our romantic and Parisian-inspired bridal boudoir session with Victoria. The owner and proprietor of Anderson Wright Room and Gardens has created an absolute masterpiece, paying attention to every little detail of this magnificent space. This charming garden store, is located in downtown Portsmouth on High Street, is a true hidden gem. As you enter, you are immediately transported to a Parisian paradise. The store is filled with delicate flowers, gorgeous home furnishings, and elegant garden decor. As you walk through the storefront and the manicured English country gardens, you will discover a little slice of Paris tucked away at the back of the property. This little Parisian gem is beautifully discreet, offering a romantic and intimate atmosphere that is perfect for a bridal boudoir session.

As we stepped beyond the storefront, we found ourselves in the midst of the beautifully maintained English gardens. The roses, boxwoods, and statues were all in full bloom, evoking a romantic and classic European aesthetic that we wanted to recreate for Victoria’s Parisian-inspired bridal boudoir session. This stunning space feels like a step back in time to the opulent villas and palaces of Europe and Paris. It’s truly a marvel to have such a grand and romantic setting in Portsmouth, Virginia. Throughout Victoria’s boudoir session, each aspect of the photoshoot seemed to peel away a layer, revealing a more sensual and provocative side to her bridal boudoir session. It was a truly unforgettable experience.

At Marie Violet Photography we believe that boudoir photography should reflect your desires and dreams. Whether you’re looking for a Parisian-inspired boudoir photography session or a romantic, sensual, Vogue-inspired photo shoot, we’re here to help you create a masterpiece and celebrate this season of your life.

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