A Romantic, Provocative and Editorial-Inspired Bridal Boudoir Session

March 2, 2024


romantic and editorial bridal boudoir photography Virginia Beach


Our bride-to-be was eagerly anticipating her upcoming bridal boudoir photography session, which was just a few months away from her highly anticipated wedding. During her telephone consultation, she expressed that she wanted to create a highly romantic, provocative and editorial-inspired bridal boudoir session that was ultra feminine.  Her inspiration was “Vogue worthy“, fine art inspired boudoir photography. And wanted her boudoir photos to exude elegance, while also being provocative, sexy and sensual. 


romantic and editorial bridal boudoir photography Virginia Beach


Despite being entirely outside her comfort zone, she embraced the boudoir experience fully and was determined to make the most of it. For her beauty styling, she opted for natural glam makeup that would enhance her features and complement her soft, voluminous bombshell curls. The incredibly talented ladies of Blushtones and Flawless on Site made our beautiful bride-to-be look like and feel absolutely gorgeous! They truly know the art of sexy, editorial-inspired boudoir makeup. 


romantic bridal boudoir pose


As she stepped into our Chesapeake, Virginia boudoir photography studio, our stunning bride exuded an air of radiance and confidence that was truly captivating. Her beaming smile lit up the room, and it was clear from the way she carried herself that she felt beautiful and empowered. With every move and gesture, she exuded an effortless grace and poise that made it clear she was ready to create some “boudoir magic.”


As soon as she entered the studio, the atmosphere was set to perfection with her favorite playlist playing softly in the background and a freshly made Mimosa in hand. Her boudoir session commenced with our lovely bride donning a stunning bridal-inspired lace bra and panty set, accompanied by a delicate garter and a luxurious pearl robe to complete the look. The pieces she chose were not only aesthetically pleasing but also timeless, making them the perfect choice for her upcoming wedding and honeymoon. It was evident that she put a lot of thought into her bridal boudoir lingerie and the result was simply breathtaking. 


Romantic boudoir photography

bridal boudoir pearl robe lingerie

I’m obsessed with this decadent pearl-bridal robe. It was gorgeous and photographed beautifully! 

romantic bridal boudoir photography
Editorial fine art Virginia boudoir photo

During our editorial-inspired boudoir photo shoot, our bride desired her pictures to exude a sense of romance, femininity, and opulence. Together, we took great inspiration from classic art and with a high-fashion aesthetic.  

We loved that our bride pushed the envelope and selected more provocative lingerie for her bridal boudoir photoshoot with us. Within a short time in the studio, she fully embraced this experience and it was absolutely incredible to see her in this new, sensual mindset.

The bridal veil is always a welcome accessory to your romantic and editorial-inspired boudoir session, as it adds such a profound and beautiful bridal aesthetic to your boudoir imagery. When you bring a veil to your bridal session, it is most certainly guaranteed that your photos are doing to look deeply feminine, elegance and fine art.

One of our favorites from the Marie Violet Photography boudoir studio space….

At Marie Violet Photography we love to create beautiful romantic, provocative and editorial-inspired boudoir photography for the modern woman. We encourage every woman to book a boudoir session with us and experience this incredible type of fine art portraiture for yourself.

provocative bridal boudoir

This is where we honor and celebrate femininity, in a luxurious, pampering and indulgent way that celebrates this season of your life. Whether a bridal portrait, a birthday or perhaps an anniversary session, we are here to treat you like the sexy bombshell that you are.

Marie Violet Photography is an award winning luxury fine art wedding and boudoir photographer based out of Chesapeake, Virginia, serving couples and clients along the East Coast, Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and destination weddings and marathon boudoir collections in the US and Canada. For more details about our wedding + boudoir collections, click here.

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