October 16, 2014



Sandbridge Virginia Beach

I met Brittany and her sweet Mom, Marsha back in 2013 at our studio and over the course of several hours we bonded over the funniest and strangest things, first off, Brittany and I both LOVE “Shark Week” series on the Discovery Channel and we both had just watched the documentary on the prehistoric Megaladon Shark. We laughed and shared stories about childhood, careers and love. Brittany shared that during her first date with Brent, she knew she was in trouble… Brent had already stole her heart, and she knew by dessert that he was “the one.” They shared their most intimate secrets, hopes, dreams, ambitions and vulnerabilities to each other and knew that they had something special together.

Brittany also adores Greek history and architecture and wanted to incorporate her love of Greece with her wedding. The wedding was to be an elegant, romantic and fun affair that they would share with their closest friends and family by their sides. Brittany, has a heart of gold and is funny, playful and has such a sweet disposition. So for their engagement session we decided that since these two rarely have down time together, we would make their session together fun and romantic. We first began our engagement photos at the ever popular Sand Bridge Beach on the out skirts of Virginia Beach. That morning the sun was shining and the air was crisp, and the three of us were excited for the engagement session. When Brittany stepped out of the truck, she looked absolutely stunning, Brittany is an incredible hair and makeup artist as well as a phenomenal dentist hygienist. This girl has many talents that I was soon to discover!

We began walking down the main lane and to our surprise and fortune found a deck side hammock and the two without a second thought, jumped in the hammock and every picture was jaw dropping-ly gorgeous!

These two are absolute naturals in front of the camera!


After we wrapped up our time at the beach, we drove to the Military Aviation Museum for our second look for their engagement photos.  Brittany and Brent are both World War II history buffs and have a great love and respect for the vintage war planes and therefore we incorporated these into our session as well.

These two loved seeing the planes up close and often frequent the Valentine’s Day Dance that the Museum hosts each year! 

To our delight we also took advantage of the bold red double decker bus and snapped a few romantic photos both inside and out! This place was visually stunning and really made their engagement photos unique and one of a kind! 

The Volunteer Staff at the Aviation Museum were incredibly kind and loved having our couple spend the afternoon here.  They were truly accommodating and we can’t thank them enough for their hospitality!

A big THANK YOU to Brett and Brittany for being incredibly wonderful to photograph and spend the day with! I would also like to thank the staff at the Museum for being so kind and generous with your time and facility! 





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