June 26, 2014




Brittany started her wedding day off fabulously. When she arrived at her parents house, we were already there to greet her and I couldn’t help but laugh because she strolled in her with the biggest smile on her face and of course her favorite drink in hand.  

We soon settled into the newly renovated wedding suite, what once was her parent’s garage, had now been transformed into this incredibly beautiful and pretty suite for her and her bridesmaids to get ready in.  Brittany’s Mom, Marsha is beyond talented and loved decorating the space to make it feel inviting and elegant for her daughter’s wedding day!  I think Marsha did an incredible job with the family garage and the ladies loved the space!  The warm feeling coupled with the gorgeous light that filtered into the room allowed us to capture the most gorgeous wedding photos! 

The ladies of Behind The Veil Salon were incredibly sweet and kind and made Brittany and her ladies feel beautiful and pampered.

unique bridal hair accesory

This melted my heart to see- Brittany sharing a few sweet moments with her beloved Grandmother. 

Her details for her wedding day were so elegant and pretty and also had a touch of Greek elegance, like her crystal hair piece, gold wedding jewelry for her lovely bridesmaids and of course we can’t forget to mention her gorgeous wedding shoes! 

I loved how Brittany hand wrote her wedding vows, I love special touches like this.  She kept her vows in her sacred Bible and I often found her reading and re-writing them until she thought they were perfect.  

Her House of Maya couture gown was breathtaking and everyone couldn’t wait to see her in it. 

More of the incredible wedding gown and the beautiful and bold deep purple bridesmaids dresses Brittany had chosen for her wedding day.  Another thing we bonded over during our first initial studio meeting, was we both love the color purple!

Her wedding photos, were just so beautiful to capture.  Her love of details is greatly apparent and truly showed off her personality and well as incredible style! 

We arrived at the lovely First Norfolk Baptist Church and made great use of the gorgeous light in the front of the church for Brittany’s bridal portrait photos. 


maya couture wedding grown detailIsn’t she stunning?  Brittany, you truly were radiant on your wedding day. The detail of your gown was truly gorgeous.  I literally fell head over heels in love with her Maya Couture gown.  Her is a close up of the intricate detail of her gown. 


Brittany was surrounded by the people that mean the most to her during her wait in the bridal chamber prior to the ceremony.  Pearl Taylor, of Uniquely Yours by Pearl was fabulous and made sure the day went off without a hitch!  Brittany’s lovely sister Brooke was her Maid of Honor and they two of them shared a few sweet moments together. 

The ceremony was lovely, both Brittany and Brent recited their own vows, and there were many tears shed by friends and family alike as everyone witnessed the couple pledge their undying love and devotion to each other, to their marriage and most importantly to God. 

Brittany you were absolutely beautiful! I loved seeing Brent’s expression, when he see’s you for the first time walking down the aisle.  Brittany + I both love sharks, and therefore, I wasn’t surprised when she asked if she could do a fun photo with her bridal party!   We had such a fun time and many of the guests at the beach also loved watching us create this photo too! 

fun wedding bridal party photo shark The light was beautiful that evening.

The reception was held at the lovely The Yacht Club of Marina Shores in Virginia Beach, and of course Brittany + Brent made sure that the affair was elegant and romantic with Greek inspired decor as well as a photo booth handy for family and friends to be playful and have a fun evening! DJ Roger Cruz, of Astro DJ Entertainment was simply amazing and kept the guests on the dance floor all evening!  His energy and passion for creating an amazing evening is contagious and everyone loved the music as well as the incredible dance floor! Brittany + Brent created a hilarious video for the guests to enjoy during the reception as well as a super sweet sentimental slideshow of Brittany + Brent through the years and all was created by the highly talented Eric Rodriguez.  The evening was capped off with an incredibly fun send off!  Glow sticks for everyone to cheer on Brittany + Brent as they left their wedding reception to begin their life together as husband and wife! 

The happiest of wishes for you both!

Much love,



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