How To Plan For Your Upcoming Boudoir Session

April 3, 2024

Preparing for a boudoir session is an exciting journey, an opportunity to see yourself in a new light and celebrate your unique beauty. It’s a personal experience that requires thoughtful preparation to ensure you feel as comfortable and confident as possible. When packing for your boudoir session, consider items that not only accentuate your figure but also reflect your personality and style. Here’s a guide on what to bring to make your session unforgettable.

The Beauty of Lingerie

First and foremost, lingerie is a staple of boudoir photography. We encourage you to bring a few options to your session; this could range from a classic lace set to something more daring or unique that speaks to your individuality. Don’t limit yourself to just bras and panties; bodysuits, corsets, and silky robes can add variety and depth to your photos. Remember to choose pieces that make you feel confident and comfortable in your skin. Additionally, consider bringing a pair of high heels, as they can elongate your legs and add a touch of elegance to your poses.

We created a Boudoir Lingerie Guide with our favorite online boutiques to help our Marie Violet Photography boudoir clients prepare for their upcoming session. Click here to view our Boudoir Lingerie Inspirtion Guide and happy shopping!

Styling with Accessories

Accessories and props play a crucial role in personalizing your session. Think about including items such as flowers, jewelry, hats, or even a favorite book to add character to your shots. These elements can help tell your story and add a layer of intimacy to the photos.

Moreover, bring along beauty essentials for touch-ups, like lip gloss, hairbrush, and powder, to ensure you feel fresh throughout the shoot. A playlist of your favorite songs can also help set the mood and make you feel more at ease.

Think Outside The Box

Remember to think outside the box, and select items that resonate with all parts of your personality. We love to encourage our boudoir clients to select items that are deeply feminine, soft, romantic, while also selecting items that are more daring, bold, sexy and provoactive. If you are doing a bridal boudoir session, consider bring your honeymoon or wedding night lingerie, make sure to bring your veil, wedding dress, wedding shoes as well as your garter, and wedding jewelry.

Communication Is Key

Lastly, communication is key. Discuss your ideas, concerns, and expectations beforehand and during your boudoir pre-consultation. This collaboration will help tailor the session to your vision, ensuring the final images are a true reflection of you. Remember, a boudoir session is more than just taking beautiful photos; it’s a celebration of self-love and empowerment. By bringing items that resonate with you personally, you’re guaranteed to create a memorable experience that you’ll cherish forever.

We hope these tips help you create the most incredible boudoir session experience! Feel free to contact us directly for any questions or to create your very own boudoir session with us at Marie Violet Photography.

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