April 28, 2019

A Fine Art Virginia Beach Bridal Boudoir Session

A romantic bridal boudoir session is what our client Taylor desired for her upcoming wedding day. Although this boudoir session was a beautiful way to honor and celebrate her upcoming wedding she always desired to create a beautiful boudoir album as a wedding gift for her soon to be husband. 

Our inspiration for her boudoir photography session was soft feminine inspired poses while also evolving throughout her session with more of an emphasis of her sensuality and provocativeness. 

While sipping on Mimosa’s and enjoying her favorite music we created a beautiful collection of boudoir portraits for her in our intimate Chesapeake Virginia boudoir studio. 

We loved Taylor’s lingerie pieces she purchased from Victoria Secret and to add a sweet and sentimental touch she also brought with her one of her fiancee’s dress shirts for a few fun and sensual poses.  Her gorgeous makeup and hair styling were created by our amazing glam squad of Kim Wadsworth of BridesMade.  

With each boudoir session, we always include beautiful professional makeup and hair styling to each boudoir photography collection. We want you to have that “supermodel experience” even before you arrive to our boudoir, because it sets the tone for your session.  We firmly believe that when you feel beautiful, sexy and empowered it definitely comes across in our boudoir photos and we want you to look and feel beautiful in front of our cameras! 

With our subtle posing tips and tricks, Taylor looked and felt gorgeous in her boudoir photos… we love to guide our clients with each pose, to ensure that they are confident and relaxed and enjoying their boudoir experience. 

These sessions are so unbelievably liberating and empowering for each woman that graces through the doors of our boudoir studio.

We are forever honored when chosen to be your boudoir photographer and love to create these gorgeous, sexy boudoir photos. 

Thank you Taylor for allowing us to create this amazing experience for you and we wish you all the love and happiness for your upcoming wedding! 


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